The Capables are a group of super-capable kid superheroes all of whom have a super capability or “cape.” Each Capable’s superpower is activated through empowerment.

The premiere story in the series features Rae. Rae is like many five year olds with one BIG exception: she has a super-secret superpower. Unlike her limb difference, which is visible for all to see, her superpower is something she has never shown anyone before. But it’s her first day of school and her classmates are in need. Will she keep her power to herself…or use it to help her new friends?

The world of The Capables doesn’t stop with Rae. There are more stories, more characters, more superpowers to showcase and villains to be defeated by these super-capable kids.

Different is SUPER!

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Hi, my name is Danny Jordan, and I am the creator of The Capables. I created The Capables so my daughter and others like her got to see themselves represented on the page as the hero in the story.

Our journey with this series started over two years ago when my wife was pregnant with our first child. By all typical accounts, everything was progressing normally with her pregnancy. That all changed... our story, our world changed when she went in for an ultrasound at the 22-week mark.

It was during a two and a half hour ultrasound that a specialist confirmed that our daughter would be born with an upper limb difference.




The moment the doctor confirmed our daughter's diagnosis is one that will stick with me forever. It was then that my daughter became real to me. Her story, not our story for her, was beginning to be written.


So, as a dad and as a creative, I found myself immediately compelled to do whatever I could do to contribute something positive, something of true importance to this world. Something that would make the world my daughter grows up in more loving, more accepting, more inclusive.

The Capables is the fulfillment of a promise I made to my daughter over two years ago: to write, illustrate and print a book where the hero looks like her. It started with that simple promise and has grown into a deep commitment to the disability community as a whole. My goal for this series is to contribute to positive progress through accurate representation and inclusion of disability.

Thank you for your time and interest in our series. It means the world to us.

Danny Jordan

Author, The Capables